Course Requirements

  • All course curriculum must be completed and section quizzes passed with a minimum score of 80%.

  • The Basic CPTED course includes 2 graded hands-on activities

  • The Basic CPTED course requires the completion of a graded CPTED Field Assessment and Presentation - this requires an on site visit to a pre-approved location in your community.

  • The Advanced CPTED course includes 3 graded hands-on activities.

  • Both the Basic & Advanced CPTED courses conclude with a final exam - a minimum score of 80% is required to pass each course.


  • How is the course curriculum presented?

    The course information is presented in a presentation format with audio to provide greater detail. There are some short videos that illustrate the material presented in each module. Throughout the modules there will be short 5 questions quizzes after each topic is completed. There are three graded projects included in the course. At the conclusion of the course there is a 50 question final exam.

  • What is required for the graded CPTED Field Assessment and Presentation?

    You will need to locate a site within your community and have it approved by the NICP. Once approved, you will visit the site and utilizing a CPTED Field Assessment form you will conduct a CPTED site assessment. You will then put together a presentation of your findings following the presentation rubric provided. You will submit both your field form, and presentation for a grade. While visiting the site you will need to take pictures, conduct user interviews, and talk with a property stakeholder about issues being experienced at the site. You will also be required to collect demographics and crime data for the site.